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5 Quick ways to Perform IT Stresstests


Performing Stresstests on IT Infrastructure is Success-Critical. A friend of mine is working at a Company that does High-Performance Computing for Finance and Government. They one had an incident where high-quality software was requested. When it came to the the testing-phase, the client wanted to skip the that phase in order to have faster time to market. The reason give for skipping was the following “since you are producing quality software, whats the point of testing?” Thats exactly where the hammer hits the nail. Software-testing, and that also involves infrastructure testing, requires badly to thorouly planned testplans. “Load testing is a crucial part of ensuring the quality of Web applications,” said Ian McLeod of SmarBear points out:

Load Testing and Stress testing

The most basic Checklist for stresstesting is:

  • Perform 500 Concurrent Connections to a System.
  • Scale up the number of downloading Connections form 20 in batches for 25 and wait for 2 Minutes.

Adding a Review Step to Software Developement

We are using the Workflow:

  1. Feature Ideation
  2. Feature Specification
  3. Software implementation
  4. Software testing
  5. Software releasing

In order to improve stability, we will add the following step:

  1. Feature Ideation
  2. Feature Specification
  3. Software implementation
  4. Software testing: Engineer Testing
  5. NEW: Code Review
  6. Software releasing

Not each Line of Code will have to be tested every time, but certain Standards that we’ve agreed on.
These Standards are to the date:

General Statistical

  • Script Lapstime (0,02 – 0,1 sec)
    • PHP Querytime (0,03 sec)
    • SQL Querytime (0,03 sec)
  • Memoryusage of Script (1-5mb ram)
  • Trace Memory leaks
  • No Temptable Generation


  • Device Testing
  • Browser Testing

Code Igniter Benchmarking
Scaling Up
Forensic Profiler for CI



Author: Guntram Bechtold

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