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8 Guidelines to painless Marketing and Sales


Entrepreneurs and Startups often do have signficant problems with product marketing. Since Lean Startups start to market earlier, this phase might be entered earlier, yet its not necessarily easier. Start marketing now be knowing how to do it the easy way.

1. Its is about building relationships, not selling

The more qualified you Build relationships with
and introduce yourself to 12 People

2. Prospecting is introducing yourself to people wh are likely to be interested in your services.

Search for places where these people hang out. Online, in Business networks like LinkedIn or Xing, or in real world.

3. Use the lowest enteree barrier medium

Connect on LinkedIn
Send an email
create personal mail

4. Be targeted. Don’t market to everyone. Focus on ideal clients.

Select who you focus.
Focus on fewer prospects
who has the highest values
Who ist most likely to hire you

5. Prepare yourself: See how your example clients work.

Custom-tailer your message for prospects
Find out more about your potential clients
Find out if there are similarties to know more about your clients
This should not take too long, rather a view minutes

6. Be personal, be unique in your message. Avoid templates

Create a unique communication with every single prospect.
Its worth it, since you are working on establishing a longer term relation ship

7. Make an easy to say yes to next step

Offer something of Value:
– Create a free give, like article
– send a customized Fee Schedule
– Portfolio samples
– Customized Report
A big step is to arrange a concall, Presentation.
provide value to your prospects when you contact them

8. Follow up at a concall, screencast or personal meeting.

Presenting proposals in real time is best.
The second best idea is to hand delivered
Using just Email as a communication tool is worst

Author: Guntram Bechtold

Guntram Bechtold lebt mit seiner Familie in Dornbirn. Gemeinsam mit Freunden und Geschäftspartnern entstehen Angebote wie die BusinessLabs, die AgentConf, die WorkerConf oder die Plattform für Digitale Initiativen. Der passionierte Läufer ist für seine Livestreams auf dem Fahrrad bekannt und gefürchtet. Guntram arbeitet bei der Vorarlberger Digitalagentur StarsMedia und hilft mit den Smart City Dornbirn Wettbewerb zu organisieren.

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